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Rampaging Lovers

An espionage thriller/romance novel, set in South Africa, England and France against the curtain of apartheid


   A. B. Literary House                                        Arena Books                     The Bogshop Group (Limbo)                         Diderot-Verlag
                   USA                                                    Suffolk, England                            Oder, Denmark                        Germany & Canary Islands, Spain
 ISBN: 0-942387-04-X                       ISBN: 978-1-909421-37-0           ISBN: 978-87-92847-15-7                      ISBN: 978-3-936088-92-2
 Hardcover, 312 pages                              Softcover, 196 pages                  Softcover, 313 pages                                  Softcover, 358 pages  
   No longer available                        From A. B. Literary House,                                                                                  From A. B. Literary House,                                                             
                                                                                Price in US: $20                                                                                                      Price in US: $20
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        when available.               

 GYAN Books, New Delhi, India       GYAN Books, New Delhi, India              A. B. Lierary House        
      ISBN: 978-81-212-1284-7                 ISBN: 978-81-212-1334-9                   ISBN: 0-942387-33-3
            Hindi Edition, 2015                          English Edition, 2016                      Spanish Edition, 2017
            Hardover, 307 pages                        Hardcover, 271 pages                       Softcover, 358 pages
                                                                                                                                           From A. B. Literary House,
                                                                                                                                                     Price in US: $20

Joshua Samuelson, an Indian and eighteen years old, meets with Laura on a deserted beach twenty miles  south of Durban . She will not marry him, but leaves him with a parting gift which is to haunt him forever……….. The year is 1965.


Now, fifteen years later, a lecherous bachelor and a doctor in Hampstead, Joshua is being tracked by Slagter, the South African hit-man, for information he does not possess. Farnsworth, Head of the South  African desk of MI-6, assigns Julia, granddaughter of the eleventh Earl of Bromfield to protect Joshua—and find out why Saul, Laura’s husband, should have sent a RED ALERT to Pretoria before his body is found in an abandoned building in Clapham.


A novel with many finely-etched, memorable characters. Like………….


Jomo, Joshua’s good friend and Saul’s homosexual lover, who is the gentlest man Joshua has ever known.


Boko, Jomo’s brother, uncompromising member of the ANC, exiled to live in England—and prone to violence.


And Eva, their beautiful sister, more powerless than them all.


Clayborne, who shares his medical practice with Joshua—and his nights with Saul.


La Reine, the French stripper at the Coq D’Or, Saul’s first love, who has a simple goal that befits a simple woman.


Joe, Joshua’s brother, who, like Joshua, spends his evenings trying to pick up "au pair" girls at the Evening Star.


Lysa, the sensuous, Italian waitress who comes to the pub looking for Joshua—and finds Joe instead.


Shari, Saul’s Israeli assistant, who helps to run his novelty store in South Kensington—and a lot more.


Donaldson, Julia’s back-up, who loves to talk to her on the telephone—but will not meet her.


And the eleventh Earl of Bromfield……………



The novel, with nerve-tingling suspense, binds the characters in a plot replete with surprising twists. Yet is transcends the ordinary class of the genre. It towers above the work of other espionage-thriller writers, because it probes deep into the human heart. And then rips out what it finds there with an almost brutal candor. It is a literary novel that explores, with brilliance, the roots of racial tensions—not only in South Africa, but in England as well.


This is what professionals had to say about Rampaging Lovers……..


“…….you do write well………..”

                              Joan Kahn, St. Martin’s Press, N.Y.



“…….carefully plotted and well written…………”

                              Louis Strick, Taplinger Press, N.Y.


“…….the prose and vivid descriptiveness of it was admired……”

                              Seymour Lawrence, E.P.Dutton, N.Y.

    And here is a review of the Danish Edition--in Danish!


RAMPAGING LOVERS was retitled SLAGTER in the German Edition, as shown above. It is now available in North America, as can be seen by the two Advertisements placed in German newspapers in the USA--CALIFORNIA STAATS-ZEITUNG and NEUE PRESSE USA; both of the Ads are shown below:




The Thar Articles

An espionage thriller/romance novel, and a Sequel to "Rampaging Lovers"

B. B. Dandekar

- - -

The Bogshop Group ---------- GYAN Publishing House, New Delhi, India ----- A. B. Literary House

(Limbo), Denmark------ ISBN:978-81-212-1341-7 --- ISBN:978-81-212-1286-1 -ISBN:0-942387-30-9

ISBN: 9788792847164 --------- English Edition------------- Hindi Edition ---- English Edition, Softcover

Softcover, 293 pages ------ Hardcover, 248 pages--- Hardcover, 334 pages - 322 pages, Price: $20


A brief description of the book is given below. Though the book stands on its own, readers are advised to read "Rampaging Lovers" first before reading "The Thar Articles".


In this sequel to "Rampaging Lovers", Joshua and Julia, married just two weeks, are forced back into the world of high-level espionage, when arms meant for the mujahidin, fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, are being sabotaged in Pakistan. The Prime Minister of India and the Military Dictator of Pakistan meet in the Thar Desert, at the behest of the President. They nominate two agents, Code Names: 'Raja' and 'Bahadur', who work out a solution to the problem, set down in two handwritten copies of a document named THE THAR ARTICLES. Only two copies, one with each agent, because disclosure of the document, while not being serious for Pakistan, would be disastrous for India--an ally of the Soviet Union. For several months the plan works well, until two shipments of arms, routed through India, disappear. Bahadur is found murdered, executed by an antique, lady's revolver belonging to Raja--and Bahadur's copy of the document is missing.


The novel is brilliant in its study of the inter-religious, cross-cultural marriage of an Indian-Jewish Colonel in the Indian Army, and the English-Anglican granddaughter of the eleventh Earl of Bromfield. It explores, with unabashed candor, love, intimacy, honor, and trust, between husband and wife, for the marriage to succeed--as well as treachery, betrayal and revenge, in the brutal abyss of International espionage, that threaten to tear it apart.


As an espionage thriller, it is enthralling; in its insights into the deepest recesses of the human heart, it is a literary novel that will endure.

And here is a review of the Danish Edition--in Danish!



Of Royalty and Commoners

A Romance novel and a Sequel to "Rampaging Lovers" and "The Thar Articles"

B. B. Dandekar
----- ----- -----

The Bogshop Group -----Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi, India ------------ A. B. Literary House

(Limbo Imprint) ---------ISBN:978-81-212-1340, :978-81-212-1285-4------------- ISBN:0-942387-31-7

Oder, Denmark ----------------English Edition --------- Hindi Edition ---------- English Edition, Softcover

ISBN:9788792847171 --Hardcover, 268 pages- Hardcover, 345 pages--------- 356 pages, Price: $20

Softcover, 297 pages



A brief description of the book is given below. Though the book stands on its own, readers are advised to read "Rampaging Lovers" and "The Thar Articles", in that order, before reading "Of Royalty and Commoners".

In this romance novel--the third in the trilogy--Joshua and Julia, now married twenty-five years, live in Hampstead, in London, where General Sir Joshua Samuelson is the Military Attache to the Indian High Commission. They have four grown-up children--Lord David, Lady Sarah, Lady Ruth, and Lady Susan.

David is the twelfth Earl of Bromfield, in love with his cousin, Rachel, a commoner. He has a Mathematics Tripos from Cambridge University, and is headed for Sandhurst and a career--like his father--in the Army.

Sarah--beautiful, gentle, meek and gracious--freely, and sadly , confesses to lacking the courage to fall in love. That is until their dear 'Elizabeth Aunty' decides to play matchmaker.

Ruth is the athlete in the family--a world-class, long-distance runner in the mile--and training hard to make the British Olympic Team in her event. Fiercely independent, she will protect her family--at all costs.

Susan, the 'baby' of the family, at eighteen, has just aced her 'A' Levels and will go to Oxford University. She wants to be a writer. She has no thoughts of marriage, but Lord Albert, Earl of Rathbone--only son of Cecily, Julia's oldest friend from their teenage years at boarding school in Kent--has other ideas.

This is their story! If you enjoy Jane Austen or Louisa May Alcott--in this day and age--you'll love this novel.

To assist our Danish publishers, A. B. LITERARY HOUSE, inserted the following two Ads in Danish newspapers. The first Ad appeared in EKSTRA BLADET, November 23, 2014, and the second Ad appeared in KRISTELIGT DAGBLAD, November 29, 2014.



And here is a Review of the Danish Edition--in Danish! A word of explanation is necessary.


Kongelige og borgerlige is the third book in the Trilogy of novels, with Joshua and Julia as the central characters. It is NOT an Espionage thriller. It is a ROMANCE novel. The Reviewer has taken the Quotes on the back cover of this ROMANCE novel and applied them to it, when in fact they are applicable only to the two previous novels, Haergende elskere and Thar traktaten, which are both Espionage thrillers! Comparison of this third novel, Kongelige og borgerlige, should be made to the writing and the works of Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott. Enjoy!


The Author, B. B. Dandekar (Beju), on reading an English translation of the Review sent an e-mail to Jacob Wisby, our Danish publisher at Forlagsgruppen Bogshop in Denmark--a sort of 'Review' of the Review!--and this e-mail is also shown below the Danish Review.






A Nazi Among Jews

          B. B. Dandekar


   A. B. Literary House        A. B. Literary House
 ISBN: 0-942387-06-6       ISBN: 0-942387-28-7
  Hardcover, 272 pages      Softcover, 284 pages
Book no longer available           Price: $20

In 1941, in the village of Buchenwald, near Weimar in Nazi Germany, a Jewish family goes into hiding in a room beneath the ground. In the house of an old and trusted German friend. Fo rty-one years later, Jonathan Ellis, a mildly chauvinistic Sephardic Jew, is waiting patiently, in an ill-lit parking lot in a small town in the Midwest, for Dalia, his Ashkenazi Jewish wife, to emerge from her mid-life ballet class. He sees, between the ballet school and the bank, an abandoned, closed-down darkened building. It seems just right for an office downtown. So he asks his friend Marty, a concrete contractor who dabbles in real estate, to make inquiries.........With chilling suspense, the novel explores the limits to which the human spirit can be stretched under fear of pain, suffering and death. What is the price that must be paid under such grotesque circumstances? Can honor, trust, and friendship be violated without loss of human dignity? And who was to blame? As one child, hiding in that room beneath the ground, put it forty-one years later: "To me, he was always the father who lived in the house above." The novel with searing honesty, and sometimes with considerable humor, looks at a "mixed" marriage and finds that the answers to some of those same questions can be no further away than home.

Dandekar has taken the mystery novel and raised it to literary heights, breaking new ground by crafting an intensely philosophical work, without taking away any of the suspense that keeps the reader turning the pages of the book.


Reviews in the Jewish-interest press for A Nazi Among Jews.........

".....Dandekar has mastered the technique of the thriller and has produced an unusual illustration of that specialized form of fiction."

Dr. Morton I. Teicher, Book Reviewer, MIAMI JEWISH TRIBUNE, Jan 3-9, 1992.

"..........The unfolding drama is spellbinding........It deserves wider visibility............"

Sol H. Marshall, Book Reviewer, B'NAI BRITH MESSENGER, Dec 4, 1992.

The complete Review by Dr. Morton I. Teicher of the book is printed below, in two parts to fit the page. Please also note that the publishing Company, A. B. Literary House, has moved from Lawrence, Kansas to Thousand Oaks in California.



Bene Israel Tales



A. B. Literary House --- A. B. Literary House

ISBN: 0-942387-08-2 -- ISBN: 0-942387-11-2

Hardcover, 143 pages- Paperback, 143 pages

Not available ------------------- Price: $10



Bene Israel Tales is a collection of short stories of the Jews of India.


The Bene Israel have lived in India for over 2100 years—or so their legends say. In 175 BC, or thereabouts, in the reign of Antiochus IV,  the Bene Israel fled Judea, sailing in ships down the Red Sea and into the Indian Ocean, toward India . This was not unusual. Trade routes to India had been established since the days of King Solomon. (His Ophir, so some Bene Israel believe, was the now-silted-in port of Sopara near Surat on the West coast of India).


The Bene Israel were blown off course and wrecked on the Konkan coast. Seven couples survived. They buried their dead in two mounds—and made India their home.


It was a hospitable land. The Bene Israel integrated well with the communities they lived. Sometimes too well. It was a happy union.

That is what these stories are all about. The integration of the Bene Israel into the subculture of India. And so while these are stories of the Bene
Israel, they are peopled by both Jews and non-Jews. All leading seemingly ordinary lives, woven into the richest tapestry in the world.


Unless that be the Jewish people.


Dandekar writes almost entirely about the sadness of the human condition. His characters, both Jews and non-Jews, seem constantly to seek a redemption that is, more often than not, unavailable to them. Sometimes the wall may be breached. As between a Maharani and her Jewish bodyguard, in the THE BODYGUARD. Sometimes it cannot, as in CRIPPLES, where he explores the complex relationship between two older Jewish men and a young, but crippled Hindu temple dancer.


These are literary gems. Stories that will endure because they show us for what we are. One need be neither Jewish nor Indian to appreciate the work of Dandekar.



A review in the Jewish-interest press for Bene Israel Tales………


“…….They are quite interesting, and yet, they have universal messages, similar to those of other Jewish communities…..”

                                              Sol H. Marshall, Book Reviewer, B'NAI B'RITH MESSENGER, Feb. 19, 1993.



The Jewish Amendment A Journalist's Dilemma

          B. B. Dandekar


A. B. Literary House ----- A. B. Literary House

ISBN: 0-942387-09-0 ----ISBN: 0-942387-27-9

Hardcover, 182 pages ----Softcover, 271 pages

Not available -------------------- Price: $15


“Withholding the truth violates my code of journalistic ethics!” Anna said. “Makes a mockery of my work as a reporter! Can’t you see that?”

“That is a choice you may have to face,” he said. “You can either be a good journalist or a good Jew.” She bowed her head in despair…….


And when she is forced to confront  the truth, what should Anna do? Take the Jewish Amendment--the Eleventh Commandment? Even if it clashes with the public’s right to know, as embodied in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights?


These are the ethical questions facing Anna David, investigate reporter for INDIA TODAY as she follows her assignment to uncover the identity of the Bada Saheb, whose megalomaniacal dream it is to destabilize India. But first she has to resolve other pressing doubts—and fears—about the people around her. Why was Frank Steinberg, Section Head of the CIA, at JFK observing her meeting with Behnaz Khodi? And why did Gavin Singleton, CIA Station Chief in Bombay , cable Frank to be there? And what of the Bada Saheb's triumvirate? Behnaz was one of them; Anna knew that. Who were the other two?


Set in New York, Bombay and Ahmedabad, this novel is a tightly-written thriller that easily transcends the genre as a major literary novel. It follows the tradition of Dandekar's other literary works that are winning critical acclaim.


A JOURNALIST'S DILEMMA, will be read--and the Eleventh Commandment taken--increasingly in the years to come; in his visionary writing Dandekar has few equals.



A review in the Jewish-interest press for The Jewish Amendment………


“…….In any event, this is a story that will hold the interest of readers…………”

                            Sol H. Marshall, B'NAI B'RITH MESSENGER, February 19, 1993.





David Rahabi             



A. B. Literary House ---- A. B. Literary House

ISBN: Discontinued ---- ISBN: 0-942387-10-4

Hardcover, 177 pages -- Softcover, 177 pages

Not available -------------------- Price: $15



David Rahabi (a historical novella about the discovery of Jews in medieval India of the twelfth century) is available by itself, or as a larger book with Bene Israel Tales (a collection of short stories of those same Jews); the title page is shown above.



David Rahabi is a historical novella about the discovery of Jews in India in the twelfth century by an Egyptian trader in precious stones.

Of known facts in Jewish history, relevant to this novella, there are but three:

King Solomon had established trade routes to India in the tenth century BCE.

Moses Maimonides wrote to the Rabbis of Lunel (a city in southern France renowned as a seat of Jewish learning) at the end of the twelfth century: "But the Jews of India do not know the Written Law, except that they rest on Saturday and perform circumcision on the eighth day".

David of Rahab (Egypt), the brother of Moses Maimonides, was drowned in the Indian Ocean.

The rest is Bene Israel legend. And fiction...............

The history of life in medieval India of the twelfth century, relevant to this novella, has been meticulously researched. In that regard, the narrative is as historically accurate as any work of fiction can possibly be.

This is what professionals had to say about David Rahabi...........

.......I find it fascinating reading and the stuff of which bestsellers are made...........

W. Van Riet, Senior Editor, GLC/Silver Burdett Co., May 10, 1982.


....................The prose is quite fluid and lyrical..............

Sims Wyeth, Editorial Staff, W. W. Norton & Co., Dec. 7, 1982.




Susan Altencroft                     

      B. S. Benjamin


Ashnorjen Bezaleel Publ. Co.-------- Diderot-Verlag & A. B. Literary House

Now, A. B. Literary House --- Softcover German Ed., Pages 130, ISBN: 0-942387-20-1

Hardcover, 104 pages --------- Softcover French Ed., Pages 111, ISBN: 0-942387-21-X

Price: US$12 --------------------- Softcover Swedish Ed., Pages 102, ISBN: 0-942387-29-5

-------------------------------------- From A. B. Literary House, for any of the Editions above,

--------------------------------------------------------------- Price in US: $12


The story starts with a lonely English girl on a November evening and follows her movement in and out of the world of faerie. The tensions between her loneliness and the magic friendship of the elfin bron and the Fairy Queen create an interesting psychological dimension to the whole story. Her father expresses the inevitable skepticism of a parent whose child reports a conversation with the Fairy Queen, and her own experience of the faerie realm is often baffling. The fairies unexpectedly appear and disappear; a letter from Bron turns into leaves after Susan kisses it. The narrator avoids the mistake of denying Susan's experience of fairyland, but the story ends with the girl rushing downstairs to play with human friends, having left her world of fantasy. .....

Theme, plot, characterization and the evocation of magic in nature are all strengths of the story.......

From a review by Prof. Max Sutton, Department of English, University of Kansas


The adventure-fantasy with ecological overtones was beautifully handled. Good manners and morals were handled effectively.......I could not put the book down!

From a review by Prof. Edwyna Gilbert, Department of English, University of Kansas

It is very imaginative, rich in color, and should be a real delight to just about any child.

From a review by Robert A. Johnston, English Teacher, Queen Elizabeth High School, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

And this is what children had to say about Susan Altencroft (names of children withheld):



I liked the book very much. I'm sorry it took me so much time to tell you if I liked it. Well I wish the book would never end..........



I liked your book titled Susan Altencroft very much. At times I felt sorry for he(r) because she was poor. I was amazed when the cat jumped on her dress and then the dog ripped it. I was amazed she didn't get mad. I probably would of (have). I liked it because it was happy most of the time. I almost started to cry when the fairy died. It was sort of mysterious when she met Bron and the fairy. There were a lot of interesting things to about there being a king of the north and those things. That's why I liked the book. I wish you could write a series of those books...................(I loved the book)

SUSAN ALTENCROFT (Children's book is not available as an E-book. Why no E-book? We don't think children should be reading off a computer screen. Sorry, we're old-fashioned!)





The Albedo Effect

         B. B. Dandekar


A. B. Literary House A. B. Literary House

ISBN: 0-942387-13-9 ISBN: 0-942387-26-0

Hardcover ....................... Softcover

293 pages: $25 .......... 297 pages, $20.00




In the summer of 1973, Pamela Stanton, a beautiful and very intelligent American-Jewish girl, seventeen years old, with red hair and green eyes, wanders into Frau Hofner's cafe in West Berlin, far a good, strong, hot cup of tea. Ten years later, her ex-husband, Bill Stanton of the CIA, offers her ten thousand dollars a year, to enroll as a graduate student under Prof. David Abrams, a world-renowned professor of meteorology, who is studying the changing albedo in the Punjab.


Her assignment is to find out why Prof. Abrams, an Indian Jew, traveling to India to see his two sisters, Rabka and Revka, always routes himself, even in harsh winters, through Moscow and Tashkent.

What follows could not have been predicted by either of them..............

In this espionage thriller/romantic novel, Dandekar creates, perhaps, the most tragic of his characters--a Hamlet-like creature who operates at an almost robotic level. And while doing so he explores, with sensitivity, emotions of honor, trust, betrayal, and revenge, in a fragile, often culturally-confused, sometimes bruising relationship, redeemed only by love.





The Nature of God

B. B. Dandekar

A. B. Literary House------------- - GYAN Books, New Delhi, India ------- A. B. Literary House ------------- Diderot-Verlag

ISBN: 0-942387-14-7---------------- ISBN: 978-81-212-1227-4 ---------- ISBN: 0-942387-25-2 ---------- A. B. Literary House

Hardcover, 110 pages----------------- Hardcover, 151 pages ------------- Softcover, 136 pages ---------- ISBN: 0-942387-49-X

Book is not available ---------------------------------------------- --------From A. B. Literary House, ------ Softcover, 116 pages

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price US: $15 incl. mailing--- Price in US: $15 incl. mailing


------ Diderot-Verlag -------------- Diderot-Verlag --------------- Diderot-Verlag

--- A. B. Literary House -------- A. B. Literary House ----------- A. B. Literary House

-- Softcover, 140 pages --------- Softcover, 12 pages ----------- Softcover, 15 pages

Price in US: $15 incl. mailing -Price in US: $8 incl. mailing --Price in US: $8 incl. mailing

Canada: US$23 incl. mailing------------------------------------ Canada: US $12 incl. mailing


This book is a conversation between you and me. Yes, you--who are turning it over in your hand in a bookstore, wondering whether it is worth buying, or, perhaps, looking at it on a bookshelf in your local library, wondering whether you ought to waste your time reading it, or, perhaps, buying it at the annual library sale, wondering whether it will fit into the $1 grocery bag, if you ease it in. I don't know who you are. Male or female, old or young, blue collar or white collar or no collar. You don't know who I am. It does not matter. Because what interests us both is the search for the truth about the last great mystery of this or all time--the nature of God.

We--you and I--are sitting at a small, round table in an open air cafe, sharing a glass of wine--or beer, or coffee, for you if you wish. But the sidewalk cafe is really an open air courtroom at the center of the universe. Our court of inquiry is open to all. Every discipline that has evidence to offer will be welcome to stand before us and tell us--in simple language--their telling stories.

God is not on trial! I am neither his defense attorney nor his prosecutor. You are not the jury. All we would like to hear is the evidence. What say you? Shall we?

Still not convinced? Please read the front and the back of the Flyer below.






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